Between the 4th and the 6th of October 2017, the Croatian retailer LORSEL is going to open the doors of its seat located in

Industrijska ulica, 15 10290 Zaprešić (Croatia)

where, for this occasion, a SIMASV® variable angle hydraulic notching machine will be exhibited.

The Croatian showcase will offer the local metalworking companies the opportunity of checking on site the innovation, the solidity and the functionality of SIMASV® machinery, fully developed and built in Italy, as a result of a 60-year experience in the field of machine tools for sheet metal and profiles processing.

In 1957, S.I.M.A.S.V. began effectively its activity in Italy as the first inventor and manufacturer of hydraulic presses and since then it has enlarged its production to cutting-edge and multifunction machinery with newfangled technological innovations subject to numerous patents.

Today S.I.M.A.S.V. serves the operators around the world by offering:

a wide range of models of horizontal hydraulic bending presses with power from 22 to 150 tons, even with CN control a large selection of hydraulic notchers, from the simple fixed angle and variable angle machines to the sophisticated all-in-one stations versatile machines for bending tubes and profiles, with 2 rolls, even with tilting bench, and 3 driving rolls powerful machines, both operating on vertical and horizontal axes technological jewels such as the CNC index, multindex, multitool punching and nibbling machines.

S.I.M.A.S.V. provides its machinery with a high-level professional pre- and post-sale technical support through selected technical and commercial partners around the world.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for more details about this open house in Croatia and about our production: you are welcome to contact our Sales Office ( or the Croatian retailer Lorsel, specialized in consulting and in sales of machinery, tools and equipment for the sheet metalworking:

Lorsel strojevi d.o.o.
Central seat: Savska Opatovina, 32 10090 Zagreb (Croatia)
Offices: Industrijska ulica, 15 10290 Zaprešić (Croatia)

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