Version of T100 DIGIT 1 AXES, with an additional axis for working process, recovering the solid structure featured by
- solid electro-welded work table, suitably shaped to withstand loads notably superior to all bending stresses
- cylinder placed under the work table, which is free from annoying frames for better machine and tool use , with frontal position for the operator
- forged steel carriage with double slides, suitably hardened, grounded and protected by dust scrapers.

The T.100 DIGIT 2 AXES bending press allows the program and micrometer stroke adjustment through CN electronic positioner model SlMplylogik, even under the highest working pressure, so as to obtain the bending angle desired without practice tests and samples. Thanks to this system, the machine is ideal for either the production of prototypes or for the larger series.

Among the main features of this machine we would like to underline:
- 35 touch screen key keyboard, led 16x2 characters, an "X" axis stroke (punch), an "Y" axis stroke side gauge positioner;
- 550 memory programs in "Y" axis and in "X" axis, each of the 2 axis has a program with 15 different lines (repeated 999 times)
- liquid crystal monitor at high resolution;
- selection of 5 languages to program;
- measurements in "inches" and "millimetres";
- program selector: manual, semiautomatic, automatic;
- linear line measurement system for "CN" at high resolution and unlimited use;
- precision positioning: ± 0.1 mm
- approach feed speed adjustment through flow control valve electrically driven and CN automatic control.

The following technical features makes this machine fully equipped:
- hydraulic single block power unit at servo valve positioning and with the possibility of adjusting the pressure
- electric layout and electromagnetic conductivity tested to "CE" standards;
- die holder pins made in alloy steel, hardened and grounded to obtain a strong lock;
- forced lubrication through automatic electric pump;
- automatic conventional cooling system of the hydraulic unit (cool);
- electric pedal control at low voltage (24 V) and push-button safety control timer;
- roomy side tool holder shelves.

simasv t100 2 assi cnc
Workbench dimensions880x1900 mm
Height of workbench from the ground1050 mm
Max operating pressure98 ton
Max. stroke of mobile punch330 mm
Mobile punch stroke adjustmentYES
Mobile punch advance and retrieval speed1780/2051 mm/'
Mobile punch operating speed473 mm/'
Speed selection deviceSI
Min. and max. axis base between mobile and fixed pins242/572 mm
Mobile and fixed pins - Height200 mm
Mobile and fixed pins - Diameter100 mm
Hydraulic power unit160 Lt
Slide lubricationAutomat. mm
Maximum required power7,5/5,5 Hp/Kw
Side tool shelves2
Auxiliary lateral holes on workbenchSI
Bending press dimensions - Width2710 mm
Bending press dimensions - Length2000 mm
Bending press dimensions - Height1050 mm
Weight2550 kg