Solid work table made in special spheroid cast iron, suitably shaped to withstand loads notably superior to all bending stresses.
- Carriage of forged steel with double slides, suitably hardened, grounded and protected by dust scrapers.
- Dieholder pins made of alloy steel with rapid conical change, hardened and grounded to obtain a single body with the working surface (Patent).
- Cylinder placed under the work table.
- This peculiar design is useful when the operator needs a large work surface which must also be free of obstructions.
- In this way the operator can control the working process from a frontal point, therefore in a safer and more ergonomic position. Furthermore, the large work surface allows a bending capacity of almost 300°.
- Hydraulic single block power unit at servo-valve positioning and with the possibility of adjusting the pressure.
- Shielding of electric wiring and testing of electromagnetic conductivity according to “CE” norms.
- Forced lubrication through automatic electric pump.
- Automatic conventional cooling system of the hydraulic unit (COOL).
- Electric pedal control at low voltage (24V) and push-button safety control timer.
- Roomy side tool holder shelves.
- Program and micrometer stroke adjustment through electronic NC SIMplylogik by SIMASV®, even under the highest working pressure, so as to obtain the desired bending angle without trials and samples. Thanks to this system, the machine is also suitable for the construction of prototypes and for mass productions.
- 35-key touch screen keyboard, led 16x2 characters, an "X" axis stroke (punch), un “Y” axis side stroke positioner.
- LCD high light and resolution monitor.
- Full visualisation of all working functions
- "X" axis stroke (punch)
- “Y” axis side stroke positioner
- 550 memory programs in “X” axis and in “Y” axis
- program with 15 different lines for each axis (which can be repeated 999 times).
- Angle bending programming in grades or mm by setting the coefficient of elastic feedback of the material.
- Selection among 5 languages.
- Conversion of metric system ("millimetres") in "inches".
- Positioning accuracy during the bending process: ± 0.1 mm.
- Linear line measurement system for "NC" at high resolution and unlimited use
- Approach feed speed adjustment through flow control valve electrically driven and CN automatic control.
- Program selector: manual, semiautomatic, automatic.
- USB port for downloading programs on an external memory stick for saving and/or input data (optional)

simasv t40 digit cool 1 asse cnc
Workbench dimensions625x1100 mm
Height of workbench from the ground950 mm
Max operating pressure40 ton
Max. stroke of mobile punch250 mm
Mobile punch stroke adjustmentYES
Mobile punch advance and retrieval speed1750/1980 mm/'
Mobile punch operating speed470 mm/'
Speed selection deviceYES
Min. and max. axis base between mobile and fixed pins120/370 mm
Press bending capacity120x25 mm
Tool holding pins - Height120 mm
Tool holding pins - Diameter55 - 63 (opt.) mm
Mobile and fixed pins - Height120 mm
Mobile and fixed pins - Diameter55 - 63 (opt.) mm
Hydraulic power unit50 Lt
Slide lubricationAutomat.
Maximum required power4/3 Hp/Kw
Side tool shelves2
Auxiliary lateral holes on workbenchYES
Bending press dimensions - Width1200 mm
Bending press dimensions - Length1150 mm
Bending press dimensions - Height950 mm
Weight900 kg