The programming of digitally controlled models is simple and functional and ensured via the electronic SlMplylogik type CN which allows the operator to programme different work procedures without re-processing the piece. The numerical control is composed as follows:
- displaying on a high luminescence and resolution LCD screen of all working functions with 16x2 led characters
- touch-screen keyboard, complete with 35 keys,,16x2 led characters, full view of both axes "X" (axis stroke – punch) and "Y" (axis stroke side gauge positioner)
- memory of 550 programs in "X" axis and "Y" axis, each of the 2 axis has a program with 15 different lines – that can be repeated 999 times
- BENDING FUNCTION: (with die + punch) programming in DEGREES of the bending angle directly from CN, data setting punch and die material thickness - possibility of setting and adjusting back elastic coefficient to every different angle
- TUB BENDING FUNCTION: programming in DEGREES of the bending angle directly from the CN with the possibility of setting coefficient adjustment elastic-return
- 5 language options
- measurement conversion millimetres / inches
- programs selector: manual, semi-automatic, automatic
- positioning accuracy: ± 0.1 mm
- stroke speed adjustment via flow adjustment valve automatic control from CN
- USB port for downloading programs on an external memory stick for saving and/or input data (optional)

simasv t22 digit cool cnc 1 asse
Workbench dimensions630X1100 mm
Max operating pressure22 ton
Carriage stroke200 mm
Max. stroke of mobile punch200 mm
Mobile punch stroke adjustmentYES
Carriage speed1750 mm/'
Mobile punch advance and retrieval speed1980 mm/'
Mobile punch operating speed470 mm/'
Speed selection deviceYES
Mobile and fixed pins - Height120 mm
Mobile and fixed pins - Diameter55 mm
Slide lubricationManuale
Maximum required power2,5/1,5 Hp/Kw
Bending press dimensions - Width900 mm
Bending press dimensions - Depth1200 mm
Bending press dimensions - Height920 mm
Weight650 kg