The fixed angle notching machine AF228 has a compact structure, and a shearing head in GS500 fusion with downwards movement.

The workbench is fitted with conical slots for housing of the squares. The conical form of the slots has been especially designed to give greater rigidity to the squares to guarantee greater precision.

Subject of a SIMASV® patent, the most important characteristic is the automatic adjustment of the slack between the blades from 1 to 8 mm in thickness. The cut may start from the tip or the base of the blades (for thickness from 6 to 8 mm.), and the auto-adjustment system between the upper and the lower blades allows simultaneous cutting of different thicknesses.

simasv af228
Workbench dimensions650X780 mm
Blade length220 mm
Max. cutting thickness R42/mm²8 mm
Max. cutting thickness R60/mm²5 mm
Cycles per minute (for the total length of the blades)40
Goniometric squares with stop bar2
Set of blades for iron at 90°1
Mechanical hold-down for square2
Mechanical speed restrictoroptional
Notching machine dimensions - Width700 mm
Notching machine dimensions - Depth750 mm
Notching machine dimensions - Height1100 mm
Weight650 kg

Variable angles