The hydraulic notching machine AF400 with 90° fixed angle and cutting capability di 6 mm on mild steel and 4 mm on stainless steel, distinguishes itself from the other notchers in the market because its blades reach the length of 400 mm as well as the cutting length in one stroke.

Like the other SIMASV® notchers, the AF400 notching machine is a high quality, made in Italy and long-lastinge machine thanks to

- the cutting head, driven on four sections with 600 mm length, grants absolute rigidity to the head itself and to the blades, improving hence their duration

- the automatic adjustment of the clearance between the blades (patented), which acts independently on each blade

- the solid structure under the worktable that can bear all the shearing shots gives absolute rigidity to the machine and facilitates the shifting of the metal sheets

- the conical slots on the worktable preventing the clearances due to normal wear

- the rigid support structure under the worktable which can withstand all the shots of the shearing operations

- the electrical/control panel placed under the worktable to avoid accidental collisions..

As always, S.I.M.A.S.V. takes care of the operators’ safety by providing the machine with

- hydraulic locking of blade strokes with safety system in case of malfunction

- a remote control acting by pedal or hand-buttons

- lighting on cutting area



Workbench dimensions1200X800 mm
Blade length400 mm
Angle adjustment90°
Max. cutting thickness R42/mm²6 mm
Max. cutting thickness R60/mm²4 mm
Cycles per minute (for the total length of the blades)16/18
Goniometric squares with stop bar2
Mechanical hold-down for square1
Mechanical side hold-down for square2
Notching machine dimensions - Width1200 mm
Notching machine dimensions - Depth1220 mm
Notching machine dimensions - Height1610 mm
Weight1670 kg

Variable angles