Consisting of a solid structure, the CHV3380 bending machine is fitted with thermally treated NiCr steel shafts supplied with ball-bearings to reduce the friction of mechanical parts, thus ensuring a long lifespan. It can be positioned on both vertical and horizontal axes, depending on operating requirements.
The machine is fitted with helical geared speed mechanical reducers, lubricated in oil-bath and an adjustable torque limiter mounted on the central shaft to protect against overloading and for the automatic adjustment of the differentiated speed of the internal roll.
The three driving rolls feature a smooth surface to prevent damaging the external surface of the section bars, bars and pipes to be bent, and are operated via the double pedal board to change the direction of rotation of the rolls.
The remote control unit is provided of precision digital read-outs to check the position of bending rolls.

simasv chv3380 regolazione idraulica
Upper shafter diameter80 mm
Lower shafts diameter70 mm
Roll diameter245 mm
Revolutions per minute8 rpm
Moment of resistance16 W/cm³
Motor Power4,5 KW
Bending machine dimensions - Width860 mm
Bending machine dimensions - Length1400 mm
Bending machine dimensions - Height1200 mm
Weight1550 kg