SIMASV implements the production of horizontal bending presses

After the 120 ton horizontal bending press, the 150 ton and 200 ton power presses have been designed and manufactured.
Robust, practical and versatile machines, indispensable in the field of heavy carpentry works.
Our new models, the T150 and T200, encompass all the SIMASV experience in the construction of horizontal bending presses and guarantee:
- Reliability and robustness of the quality of the materials and components.
- Precision and high technological standards thanks to the new CNC TOP7.


A lot of strength and much more power

The new CNC control which equips our horizontal presses allows us to use the strength of our machines to the maximum.
Our new presses represent a real revolution in the concept of automation encompassing the robustness and reliability of high performing CNC industrial machines with interconnectivity:

• Possibility of connecting with robots
• Using the machines in complex production lines

All of this with the legendary strength of SIMASV® presses
Our presses T120/T150/T200 adapt to all heavy carpentry applications and in particular to:
Automotive, naval engineering, railway engineering, civil engineering (bridges, buildings) etc.


We can fold any metal to meet your requirements

Please get in touch for further information, we will be glad to provide any additional details you may require.


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